Peregrine Update

There was a bit of drama recently when one of the more adventurous fledglings started flapping around the parapets and fell out of view. Peter Green of Providence Raptors updated worried viewers on Facebook:

All’s well with the first Peregrine Falcon fledgling. Webcam watchers saw it slip from the ledge last night and contacted me this morning to see if the bird was ok. I walked over for a look and found it on the building next door, being watched over by mom. No need to worry.

Green has some great pictures of this. Or go grab a coffee at Brewed Awakenings, sit at one of the outdoor tables, and look up.

The ASRI came joined the chat on the YouTube feed to put people’s minds at ease:

Sometime on June 7th or 8th, the first fledgling left the box & spent less than 24 hours exploring the roof area. Then at 8:45 pm on June 8th he took his first flight & was spotted the next morning on another building!

So these are the days to keep an eye on things. They come and go, and then they just go. At the time of this writing, there are three fledglings on the screen, but one is barely visible napping under the box. But all this flapping turns into flying pretty quickly and one day soon the box will be empty.

Is it my imagination or is there less of the Jackson Pollock poop decor this year. I remember the back wall getting pretty lit up.

Don’t forget to donate to the ASRI and keep the webcam going.

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