Flames On Eddy Street

Here’s what I know about Flames Restaurant on Eddy Street: It is a black-owned business, and they are way too busy to talk to me on the phone. I tried at three different times of the day. So I find myself in the unusual position of urging readers to patronize this black-owned business which seems to be going gangbusters without any help from us.

I have no more information. I was hoping to get the owners’ names from the Facebook page but it has limited information. That website on the sign does not load for me, and that phone number is not the same one listed on their Facebook page.

Apparently all their time and energy is devoted to the food! Their motto is “It’s all about the food!” I can’t wait to go.

The reviews are all enthusiastic. Yelp and Yahoo have the hours listed as 11am to 11pm which is not what it says on the Facebook page. Yelp lists popular dishes: jerk chicken, curried goat, and tilapia.

This is on Eddy Street not too far past the hospitals, on the left side. We will continue to highlight black-owned businesses in the area.

Open daily, Flames, 734 Eddy Street, (401) 331.2225, or (401) 617.5949, (directions)

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  1. I have not eaten there yet myself, but I have heard people singing their praises on multiple occasions at the barbershop.

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