Hope Street Farmers Market — Saturdays Lippitt Park

With regards to distancing and such, the Hope Street Farmers Market has got it figured out. I checked in last Saturday and felt completely comfortable at all times — they do have a pretty big area. The entrance is at the north end of market, and the exit is out the south end.

Let’s talk meat. Like many people, I have been viewing the scenes of our nation’s meat processing plants with increasing horror. The grotesque insensitivity of the factory owners to the deadly working conditions have left this carnivore appalled. First and foremost is the human rights issue, but also . . . sick and dying people are handling my meat?

The horrors of factory farming had already reduced my meat eating. In addition to the issues of animal cruelty and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the environmental impact of this farming can no longer be ignored. Many of my meals are meatless because I enjoy veggies and grains and seafood — it’s not a sacrifice.

So here is an opportunity to support local businesses who hire local people and pay taxes here in the state. Seen below are Sarah and Sarah who were working the Hopkins Southdowns booth last Saturday. The company sells retail lamb cuts and whole lamb carcasses  — cue the Monty Python . . . lamb, lamb, lamb — and they sell to many of the best restaurants in town.

The Sarahs will be returning to the Farmers Market this coming Saturday. There may well be other meat-related vendors I did not see, and there are several seafood vendors as well. Check it out.

9am to 1pm, Saturdays, Hope Street Farmers Market, Lippitt Park, 1015 Hope Street, (directions)

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