Congratulations To The Clutch Of 2020

“But where’s the party?” On Thursday, June 11, the ASRI reported that the fourth and final fledgling had “. . . left the nest box at 7:09AM this morning.” (They have a video of those final teetering, tottering moments.)

But the show is not over just yet. From Peter Green at Providence Raptors,

June/July is the best time to spot Peregrine Falcons downtown. In addition to the 2 adults, we now have 4 fledglings flying around and you never know where they will land. By August they’ll be gone.

So take a walk downtown, take a seat somewhere, and look up.

(Whether by accident or design, the YouTube feed seems to be stuck on this lone sentinel surveying the scene.)


The younguns were still a bit confused last night and snuggled on the ledge.

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