Gen Z Protest Kennedy Plaza

(6.14) A peaceful protest is being called by ‘Gen Z: We Want to Live,’ a new youth-led group joining the burgeoning protest landscape first ignited by the death of George Floyd. Judging from the enormous turnout for last week’s demonstration, also comprised mainly of teens and young adults, this should be big. The event will include a march, die-in, and speaking program. From their poster, “Bring masks, waters, and signs.” (I can find no online site at this time.)

More about this new addition to the protest movement at Uprise RI,

Youth protesters plan to march from Kennedy Plaza to the Rhode Island State House. Once they reach the State House, all attendees will drop dead to the ground for eight minutes and forty-six seconds to honor George Floyd.

. . . Gen Z: We Want to Live declared, “We are individual youth, some of whom have grown from youth organizations. This event is not being led by adults or any organizations. We are thankful for our adult allies, but us as youth are qualified to do this! We have been called children and kids countless times, which is incorrect. We are youth/young adults who are more than able to do this work!

If I may paraphrase Victor Laszlo from Casablanca — Welcome to the fight. Now I know our side will win.

(And the timing? Sunday will be the 74th birthday of the Vector in Chief. Nice.)

Gen Z: We Want to Live, noon, Sunday, June 14, Kennedy Plaza, (directions)


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