Phase 3 Of Reopening Starts

The Governor has announced the third phase of the state’s gradual reopening plan; it includes updates on restaurants, team sports, as well as an alert on people traveling here from out-of-state. Let’s not get too overconfident here, but only two states are reporting a decline in new coronavirus cases: Connecticut and Rhode Island! Nice to make the national news for something not related to mobsters and icebergs.

From WPRI News:

Rhode Island moved into Phase 3 of reopening on Tuesday, which means new restrictions are now in place for those traveling to the state.

Gov. Gina Raimondo announced during her briefing on Monday that in order to prioritize health and safety, there will be a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone coming to Rhode Island from any state with a daily positivity rate of 5% or greater.

The specifics are too long for us to address here. Happily, WPRI also has a handy chart of what’s open in Rhode Island; they advise that updates are frequent.

Just the facts ma’am. For those who need to see hard data, check out the Rhode Department of Health Covid-19 Data Tracker. This includes the obvious statistics of total positives, total deaths, and such, but the numbers get pretty granular with updates of currently hospitalized; currently in the ICU; and currently on vent.

And how is your zip code doing? There are predictable hot spots outside the city like Central Falls with its densely packed community of “essential” workers. And what is going on in Lincoln/Manville (02838) with 3069/per 100,000 population?

But Providence could do better: Federal Hill and Elmhurst (02909) are high at 4506/100,000 population. And as far as I’m concerned, the East Side (02906) and Providence/Cranston (02905) neighborhoods should be doing much better than they are. (I see you. Wear your damn masks!!!)

Congratulations Kingston (02881) who have registered only 77/per 100,000 population. Of course, that zip code includes U.R.I., so that may change. Or not.

We leave you with this warning from the Governor:

Raimondo urged people in their 20s to practice social distancing, saying the state had saw [sic] a 60- to 70-percent increase in coronavirus cases last week among people in that age group.

“You guys aren’t following the rules,” she said. “We need you to do better.”

For more on the OBEY Gina stickers go here.

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