Your Weekend Getaway

We’ve got over 400 miles of coastline — there should be room for everybody. And the weather looks good for a trip to the beach this weekend. The experts seem to agree that outdoor activities can be safe (safer than indoor anyway) when we do it right. The risk of Covid transmission while frolicking in the waves is low, but when you head to the concessions, bathrooms, and showers, put on your mask!

Go here for a list of the state beaches, with descriptions of the facilities. For parking rates go here. Go here for RI State Parks Covid Updates.

New this year is a State Beach Parking link for the near real time status of the parking lots. Check ahead of time to see if the parking lot at your destination has filled up.

Let’s show those Lake of the Ozarks knuckleheads how this is done. We’re doing pretty well here — let’s not screw it up. Happy Fourth of July!


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