Sharks Off Block Island

Strictly speaking these shark sightings are not a Providence story . . . yet. The Atlantic Shark Institute announced Wednesday that they had detected four great white sharks near Block Island. From abc6 News:

“We increased the number of acoustic receivers around Block Island from two in 2019 to seven this season and we assumed that this might be the result” shared Jon Dodd, Executive Director of the Atlantic Shark Institute. “This is just the second year in what will be a long-term study, so we are happy to be able to document and assess this activity in greater detail as we move forward with this important research.”

Jon Dodd’s biology degree from U.R.I. has led to an exciting life working with a variety of shark species, including mako, thresher, blue, hammerhead, bull, tiger, dusky, lemon, great white and more. 

The Atlantic Shark Institute has been conducting a 5-year study on YOY (young-of-the-year) and juvenile white sharks in the area of Southern New England and Montauk, N.Y.

The Atlantic Shark Institute and the RI Department of Environmental Management are collaborating on this five-year study to determine shark species and their density at Block Island, RI. This study will combine video confirmation using Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVS) with acoustic technology from the ASI Shark Array.

Sharks dig acoustic, who knew? Paul Edward Parker reports in today’s ProJo:

The four great white sharks ranged in size from a little more than 8 feet to more than 13 feet.

The shark pictured here adorned The Facade on Weybosset Street a few years ago, the work of Sam O White the 2018 2-D resident local artist at The Avenue Concept. (He also executed that wonderful octopus!)

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