Federal Hill Fountain Flows Once Again

Water is once again burbling and plashing in DePasquale Plaza on Atwells Avenue. The fountain had a tough time of it last year, but it has been repaired and restored just in time for summer. Friday’s grand opening-of-the-valve was attended by city leaders and Madeleine List of the ProJo:

The iconic fountain has been in various stages of repair over the past few years.

In June of 2018, the city filled the structure’s lower well with plants after the fountain cracked and broke over the cold winter. The city worked for months to repair it in time for the following summer season, when, in April of 2019, a car crashed into the beloved landmark, knocking two slabs of the outer wall into the basin.

I assume that the man tasked with draining the fountain and the pipes has been fired (insert joke here). And what about the damage from the car crash? Who paid for that?

The most recent repair cost about $500,000, which came from the city’s Capital Improvement Plan and the City Council’s Neighborhood Improvement Fund.

I hope we recovered some insurance money from the driver.

At any rate, the plaza can be pretty entertaining on a hot summer night . . . good food and great people watching. Remember: Masks and distancing! If this place gets too crowded this weekend, just leave. This is not where you want to get into it.

Note: Portions of Atwells Avenue are closed off from 3:30pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer to allow restaurants and bars to spread out. (WPRI)

DePasquale Plaza, Atwells Avenue, (directions)

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