Fire Destroys Art Installation

This breaks my heart. We last wrote about the ‘Like a Barrel, Like a Buoy’ installation last April to celebrate Earth Day, but the project had been in the works for some time. As many of you know by now, persons unknown set fire to the installation on Dyer Street early Monday morning. The piece was entirely consumed (see below). WPRI spoke with John Goncalves, councilman for Ward 1:

“While this is an active investigation, we don’t yet know the details of the cause of the fire,” he continued. “What I do know is this: our community will not stand for the destruction of public or private property. I am thankful that no one was hurt.”

The project had been spearheaded by local environmental activist and musician, Jen Long — the woman behind The Whale Guitar Project — along with her indefatigable partner, Bonnie Combs, and the public art organization, The Avenue Concept.

Long and Combs spent much of 2019/2020 collecting all the containers, rinsing them out, making arrangements with the artist, and coordinating with The Avenue Concept. I can’t begin to imagine how they are feeling right now.

That Earth Day post includes an interview with Ms. Long.


I couldn’t bear to have this picture featured in the post.


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