How Many Dems In This Picture?

The calamari roll call . . . Colbert joked about it, and Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams went on and on, even name-checking Del’s and coffee milk. (Calamari and coffee milk? That’s a hard no.) And we wake up this morning to find that the Rhode Island installment in last night’s roll call blew up Twitter and stole the show around the country. (The roll call was utterly charming. I loved the little kid in Louisiana and that lady from North Carolina.)

And I love calamari — although real Rhode Islanders know that the quahog (cherrystones, little necks) is our true state appetizer — but I have to hold my nose writing about either of these idiots. RIDP Chair Joseph McNamara last dragged us into the national spotlight when he endorsed a Trump-supporting ringer instead of the Democratic incumbent (a progressive woman).

And apparently Iggy’s is short for “ignorant.” The Washington Post spoke to the guy holding the platter:

But [John] Bordieri did not appear in the roll call for a lofty cause, or for the politics, he told The Washington Post. In fact, he’s not sure if he’ll vote for Biden at all. “Everything to me is always the same,” he said. “They say they’re going to change health plans, the economy, the workforce. … The only thing that really changes is the price of things going up, and all these rich people making more money.”

Perfect, our roll call segment featured a misogynistic DINO and a big dope who isn’t sure he’ll vote for Biden.

2 thoughts on “How Many Dems In This Picture?”

  1. The guy is right though, we’ve had fifty plus years of “lesser of two evils” politics and the only thing it’s done is get us here. The reason Dems lose so goddam always is because they refuse to offer an actual alternative. His material analysis is better than yours and calling him a dope just makes you an ungrateful hag

  2. Sounds like the second fella’s materialist analysis of US politics is actually pretty spot-on. It’s likely unimportant that he vote for Biden here, as RI is generally a blue state, but in either case, calling a lifelong blue collar worker a “dope” for his astute reflections on his own class consciousness is disappointing (if a classic neoliberal take).

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