Local Dog Parks

Happy National Dog Day. Providence has a handful of off-leash dog parks scattered about. This pup was running around like a crazy person in the spacious Waterman Street dog park. This park has everything: tall trees, winding paths, one big open space, and one special little enclosure for the smaller dogs. There are benches for people and a toy chest hangs on the far fence.

The Bell Street dog park (Franciscan Park) is located behind the Bell Street Chapel and is open to dogs of all ages and sizes. The area is fenced. Open 5am to 9pm daily.

Apparently there is a dog park at the Dexter Training Ground in the West End, but I can’t picture where it is. BYOW.

I have noticed the Gano Street dog park on walks on the bike path down near the intersection of Power Street. It is just south of the path access point behind the Eastside Marketplace (there is a gate on the path side). This park is always empty.

Don’t have a dog? Head over to the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL) and see if they have one in your size.

(I call this photo “Self Portrait.”)

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