Wild Colonial Opens

This could work. For one thing, there’s room. Also, Mr. Collins runs a tight ship in ordinary times (Rule #1: Be Nice or Leave) so I figured he would sort this out. Check out his Facebook announcement for all the new rules, adjustments, and modifications.

We have undertaken serious research to bring The Wild Colonial to the highest standard of Best Practices to minimize the risk of COVID-19 for customers and staff.

Increase of Outdoor Seating—The science is clear: There is no better risk mitigation than to remain outdoors. To that end, and thanks to the cooperation of our friends at MetroPark, we are able to expand significantly our outdoor seating area to include up to 17 tables (for up to 4 guests each). We strongly recommend that guests occupy the outdoor tables any time this is feasible. Whenever possible, indoor seating will be moved outdoors and guests will be seated there.

This is followed by extensive “Requirements of Guests,” “Physical Renovations,” “Service Changes,” and “Staff Requirements” sections. So bone up and get this right! Mo has gone that extra mile to ensure the safety of patrons and staff alike — the rest is up to us.

Make sure you are comfortable with the new system before showing up. For starters:

~All guests must be seated and may not be moving about the bar except to use the restrooms.
~All parties must give a cellphone number when seated for RIDOH Tracking and Tracing.
Remember to tip generously!

Opens 5pm, Thursday, September 3, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, (directions)

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