Blueno Graduates Early

The big blue bear sculpture — nicknamed Blueno by Brown students as a nod to the nearby Bruno — has been removed. It will be mourned by few. I think this senior speaks for us all:

”Blueno is a materialized emptiness; a terrible object whose frightening nothingness helps us understand how our intersubjective meaning is simply the effect of place within a structure,” said Andy Rickert ’21. “It’s also really ugly.”

Last month, Brown Daily Herald staff writer Nicholas Michael spoke with Dietrich Neumann, chair of the Committee on Public Art and professor of History of Art and Architecture, about the impending departure.

Neumann told The Herald that the concern that Blueno might not survive another Providence winter motivated the decision to remove the sculpture ahead of the planned summer 2021 date. “This was ultimately the donor’s call, and it was really about being respectful to the work of art and the artist,” he explained.

Adding . . .

“We all tried to find solutions to keep him here longer, but the owner basically made the decision that it was better to take him and have him fully restored.”

That’s fine, we’re good.

We wrote about the new bear in 2016. You are invited to share your memories at #ByeByeBlueno.


Looks better already.

From 2016, before the weather made it look bad.

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