Tell The Senate To Fight! Rally

(9.20) Need someplace to go and something to do?!!! A rally has been organized by former state rep and activist Aaron Regunberg and city councilor Katherine Kerwin to demand that the Senate use any and all tactics necessary to foil Republican efforts to ram through another Supreme Court nominee. This president can not be allowed to fill a third seat on the Supreme Court. We need to build a fire under the Senate and let them know we are angry and desperate and we want them to fight! (Facebook event page.)

Aaron’s message:

This is not a test. Everything we hold dear is on the chopping block — and the only thing shielding our rights is the willingness of our Democratic Senators to take every action possible to shut down the Senate and block any SCOTUS confirmation.
The Senate runs on the unanimous consent system. To do its most basic business, all senators must consent. That means Senate Democrats have the power to grind the chamber to a halt. They can withhold unanimous consent for the smallest things, they can force the reading of entire bills aloud, they can hold up the federal budget, they can use these tactics to try to push back confirmation hearings, and they can refuse to let up until our next president is installed — all while reminding voters of Republicans’ unmitigated hypocrisy in saying they would not seat a judge during an election year.
On Sunday, Rhode Island is turning out to tell Senators Reed and Whitehouse that we are counting on them and their colleagues to throw sand in the gears of this authoritarian takeover, and that we will be with them 100% when they do — because the stakes have never been higher.
Hosting organizations include: Demand Progress, Gen Z: We Want to Live, PROV X, One Gun Gone, Rhode Island Working Families Party, RI Democratic Women’s Caucus, Climate Action Rhode Island, Planned Parenthood Votes! Rhode Island, Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, Sunrise Providence, Providence DSA, Reclaim RI. 
That’s a lot of people. Let’s make some noise. But wear your masks.
2pm, Sunday, September 20, Burnside Park, (directions)

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