‘Viva La Venue’ Two-Day Benefit

(9.26) Stools shining and reporting for duty. Preparations were under way earlier today as Platforms Dance Club sets up for Viva La Venue, a two-day benefit in support of the live music venues who are really hurting right now. We want them to be there when this is over. Dusk and Askew have been using adjacent outdoor space to keep going, but not all clubs can arrange that. Rob Duguay spoke with one of the event organizers, Jessica Salemi-Sinclair in the ProJo:

“Bands, acoustic acts, and the fans who want to see them want to help our music community,” she says. “Where would we all be without the music venues who gave us our first chance to be seen in the scene?”

Night One starts at 5pm with six bands: Oblivious Fools, Bear Fight Club, Tai Chi Funk Squad, Red Ed and the Undead, Mark King and the Astro-Cats and Danny Berm.

Day Two starts at noon with fourteen acts including: Tr3e Peeple, Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, Animal Face, singer-songwriter Corinne Southern, and, one of my favorites, synth-pop duo Artist Jackie & BeatCo.Viamental. Jackie spoke with Rob:

“A few years ago, everything I’m doing now was just a lonely daydream,” she said. “These venues and the people who run them mean a lot to me, from playing the MadCap Monday open mic at Dusk every week, having my own monthly show at The Parlour and hosting my birthday show at News Cafe the past two years. This November would have been the third year in a row for my birthday.”

Tickets: $20 on Friday and $25 on Saturday. Sold at the door only. Follow the rules everybody — don’t ruin this.

(I didn’t bump into anyone as I poked my head into the tent earlier (I didn’t touch anything . . . the breeze blew the door up for me . . . I wore a mask). It’s just as well; I would have gotten yakking and it’s more important to get this posted.)

Many more details, plus the club’s Covid accommodations, in the article. And if you just want to donate go to the Viva La Venue spotfund page.

5pm to midnight, Friday/noon to midnight, Saturday, Sept. 25 & 26, Platforms, 165 Poe Street, (directions)


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