‘No Confirmation’ Protest — Burnside Park

(9.27) Democrats need to get in some good trouble! Last week hundreds of you joined a protest in Burnside Park urging our senators to fight the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. You are invited back this week to hear the plan for that fight and help deliver that plan to Senators Whitehouse and Reed. Aaron Regunberg, organizer of “No Confirmation Until Inauguration: A How-To Guide,” urges:

Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, called Roe v. Wade an “erroneous decision.” She argued the Court was wrong to legalize marriage equality. She supports overturning the Affordable Care Act. She’s written decisions that are vehemently anti-immigrant.

Allowing her confirmation to move forward without a fight gives the radical right the means to dismantle reproductive rights, strip healthcare from millions of families, attack free and fair elections, exploit workers, and block the climate action necessary to maintain a livable planet.

Go here to see the procedural tactics available for blocking the nomination. (Senate Republicans wouldn’t hesitate to use all these tools, and make up a few of their own, if the situation was reversed. We know because they have: Remember Merrick Garland. Remember Green Eggs and Ham?)

For more info read Regunberg’s piece, “Fight seizure of the Supreme Court by any means necessary.”

2pm, Sunday, September 27, Burnside Park, Kennedy Plaza, (directions)


These photos were taken last week. Below is former state rep and activist, Aaron Regunberg, along with the back of Steve Ahlquist’s head. Steve covers the state — the entire state — for Uprise RI.

I am always using the word “indefatigable” when writing about these men. Here are some other words that also work: tireless, persistent, sedulous, diligent, dogged, unflagging . . .


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