‘Kajillionaire’ At The Avon

Well we wouldn’t want Mr. Jenkins to get a big head or anything. Jeez, what’s a guy got to do to get top billing in his hometown? But by all accounts, actor Richard Jenkins prefers it this way, so we’ll leave it alone. As long as the theater in Raleigh, North Carolina — Ms. Wood’s hometown — has his name on the marquee above the title.

The real reason to bring this up is that Kajillionaire is getting good reviews. The New Yorker called it “. . . an astounding metaphorical vision of a world out of whack.”

Perhaps most importantly, several reviewers admit that they have not cared for director Miranda July’s quirky style in the past (me included), but have now been won over. From the review at Roger Ebert:

July’s best and most mature work to date, the often hilarious and gradually heartbreaking ‘Kajillionaire’ almost recapitulates the writer/director’s above-mentioned experiential artistic interests, digging deep into the world of a twenty-something who has been consistently denied any form of sincere human touch and connection her entire life.

Rated R. Running time: 106 minutes.

[Update: See the comments for the theater’s Covid protocols. Thank you Avon!]

GA $11, daily 3:25pm & 6:20pm, through October 8, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, (directions)

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  1. This was in their email bulletin:

    —We’re Keeping You Safe At the Avon Cinema—

    Following the CDC and state and local guidelines, we have instituted new procedures to keep everyone safe.

    Many seats and rows have been closed to ensure proper spacing between guests. Seats that are available are easily identified with white tape at the top of the seat back. No one will be directly in front of or in back of another person. Two people arriving together may sit together. If someone comes alone, they may not sit next to another person who came alone.

    Guests buying tickets will notice tape on the floor at 6 foot intervals leading up to the box office. There are decals on the lobby floor at 6 foot intervals that lead up to the concession stand and the auditorium.

    If you are paying with a credit card, our terminal is now accessible to you. Our cashier will prompt you when to insert or remove your card. You may also tear your receipt directly from the credit card machine. You may also pay with cash.

    At the end of each show, we clean and sanitize the theatre (including seats, armrests, counters, bathrooms, door handles, hand rails, etc.) before admitting people in for the next show.

    Face masks are worn at all times except while you are sitting in the auditorium. Remember to wear your face mask to exit after the show.

    We look forward to seeing all of you again!

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