Scialo Bros. Bakery Won’t Reopen

They had hoped it would be temporary — this isn’t even their first pandemic — but the venerable Scialo Bros. Bakery on Federal Hill will not be reopening. In addition to the financial stresses and uncertain future caused by the coronavirus, and the recent death of co-owner Lois Ellis, their building is now on the market. Scialos closed last March just prior to one of their busiest times, St. Joseph’s Day. Gail Ciampa writes in the ProJo:

Scialos, which was opened by brothers in 1916 and run by sisters since 1993, is no more, said owner Carol Gaeta. The building that houses the Italian Federal Hill bakery is for sale, she said. . .

. . . Gaeta said shutting down Scialos was the most difficult decision she ever had to make.

Another story to break our hearts. From owner Carol Gaeta:

“I want to thank everybody for being our customers,” she said, choking back tears. “Millions of them.”


The little sign above that back door reads: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP SWEETS FOR LENT!!!

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