‘Roadhouse The Musical’ — Steel Yard

(10.9) They’re at it again, this time at the Steel Yard. Not sure where they are setting up . . . any number of options on that campus. Hosted by the Wilbury Theatre Group, the Steel Yard, and Brien Lang, it’s ‘Roadhouse: The Musical’ live!

Are you too stupid to have a good time? Then you may want to avoid ‘Roadhouse: the Musical, the Concert’. The show hits the road again this fall with new cast members, new songs and the same throat-ripping, knee smashing energy that has made it a staple among discerning bar, brewery and even theater patrons.

“Nothing short of hilarious…The live music alone is reason to check out Roadhouse, and the playful performances that rise from the unlikely source material make for a wild, worthwhile night of frivolous fun.” — Edge Providence

“If Mystery Science Theatre and Rocky Horror Picture Show had a baby who grew up to be a redneck, Roadhouse: The Musical would be that child.” — Broadway World

Go here for tickets.

Roadhouse The Musical, 7pm, Friday, October 9, Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue,(directions)

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