‘The George On Washington’ Opens

You just have to cheer on anyone trying to open a new business in this unpredictable economic climate, particularly a restaurant, but this project was already under way when the quarantine hit. ProJo food writer Gail Ciampa spoke with operating partner Alex Tomasso last week:

“It was either swim to shore or drown,” he said in a light-hearted way that belies the challenge.

He chose to keep swimming and proceed with the opening.

Just like Washington crossing the Delaware, except for the swimming. So the old Local 121 is history, but the unique architectural details from the original Dreyfus Hotel — the mahogany walls and stained glass, in what is now the piano lounge — remain intact. But judging from the ProJo photo, the main dining room is looking a bit more fancy. Actually, I rather like that gilt ceiling treatment which — assuming there is a dimmer on those lights — could create a flattering glow. I’m always on the lookout for a flattering glow.

The menu includes the obligatory salads, burgers, and grilled pizzas. The “mains” run to salmon, scallops, rib eye steak, and pasta bolognese. I can find no website at this time to link to a menu.

[Update: Thank you commenter. Here is the link to the menu.]

The George on Washington, 121 Washington Street, (directions)

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