In-Person Voting Starts!

Hooray! The line was not particularly long at Providence City Hall this morning — don’t know how long the wait was — and it was just beginning to grow around the corner down Washington Street. And this is Day One — you have twenty days to take advantage of this.

The entrance is round back on the Eddy Street side. There is also a drop box there for your mail ballot if that’s how you roll. I think you politely say excuse me and pop it in.

The Secretary of State has a page How to Vote In Person Before Election Day with all the details and step-by-step instructions. (It’s pretty much identical to voting on election day; Step 5 is inserting your ballot into the voting machine which is going to feel so awesome.)

You will need a photo I.D. (The SoS page has a list of acceptable forms of identification.)

More info at Providence Board of Canvassers like the hours:

Monday – Friday from 9am–4:30pm.  This ends Monday, November 2nd at 4pm.

Early In-Person Voting, October 14 thru November 2, Board of Canvassers, Providence City Hall, 25 Dorrance Street, (directions)


Drop Box for mail-in ballots.

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