They’re Baaack

The City of Providence has relaunched the school zone speed cameras with a 30-day warning period for new locations only. From the ProJo:

Fourteen cameras will remain in their previous locations, the city said, and six will be added in new locations. The only camera location being eliminated is on Mount Pleasant Avenue.

The new camera locations:

Locations for the new cameras are 459 Promenade St. (Paul Cuffee School), Blackstone Boulevard at University Avenue (School One), Chalkstone Avenue at Waller Street (Mount Pleasant Academy), Eaton and Nelson streets (RFK Elementary), Union Avenue at Waverly Street (Children’s Friend) and Plainfield Street at Merino Street (Spaziano Annex).

Meanwhile the Mayor has extended the #ReThinkPVD two hour free parking campaign through January 2021. For locations go here.

Two-hour free parking will also be available on Angell Street and Waterman Street in addition to the previously outlined Providence business corridors. Any business that has applied and been approved for a seasonal outdoor expansion will be given an extension to that expansion through the calendar year in an effort to increase safe and accessible outdoor opportunities.

“We know that everything we can do as a city to support and uplift our local businesses right now makes a difference,” said Mayor Jorge Elorza. “As we prioritize health and wellness, I hope that free two-hour parking through the fall and holidays will encourage our neighbors and visitors to frequent local restaurants and retail whiling exploring our community as safely and as often as possible.”

2 thoughts on “They’re Baaack”

  1. so glad this happened even if i did not work in a school . all for child safety. what was that ? you are given 11 miles over the speed limit before you get a ticket. how awful. feel sorry for you all.

  2. Way to go Providence. I hope the budget crashes so hard they hear the noise of it up in the White Mountains. Shove your speed cameras so deep up whatever municipal sphincter responsible for this BS.

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