Thayer Street Army/Navy Surplus To Close

The end won’t come till the middle of December, but the going-out-of-business sale had people lining up in the rain today. Cash only/all sales final. Where will we go for our bandanas and bajas, warm mittens and wool watch caps. From their Facebook page:

To all our loyal customers and friends Thayer Street Army-Navy will be closing our doors by December 15th. Going out of business sale starts Wednesday October 28th. Everything 50 percent off. Come early for best selection. Cash only. All sales final.

We won’t be able to cover all the places going out of business this year — it’s just too sad — but to lose another independent shop on Thayer Street really hurts.

WPRI (and others) are saying that the shop has been in business since 1981, but I know there was an Army/Navy Store in that location for years prior to that. It is where all the girls had to go for their bell-bottoms in the ’60s, before the fashion versions became available here in Providence. That new denim was stiff as a board — the pants could literally stand up unassisted. We made our moms launder them a hundred times over until the denim had been sufficiently softened to take in at the waist as we were not shaped like sailors.

Perhaps Linda Borg could have clarified this confusion, but her short piece in the ProJo ends:

Reached by phone Wednesday, the owner confirmed that the store is closing but said he was too busy to offer more information.

The good stuff is going fast.

Through December 15, Army/Navy Surplus, 279 Thayer Street, (directions)


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