Revised Phase III Re-Opening

From the Office of the Governor comes another supplemental declaration regarding the Revised Phase III reopening, effective today, Sunday, November 8. The document covers international and domestic travel restrictions as well as the following (voluntary) Stay-at-Home advisory.

Effective Sunday, November 8th, all Rhode Island residents are advised to stay home from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday unless traveling to or from work or school, traveling for medical treatment or obtaining necessities (food, medicine, gas, etc.); Friday and Saturday all Rhode Island residents are advised to stay home from 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. unless traveling to or from work or school, traveling for medical treatment or obtaining necessities.

There are new curfews on bars and restaurants: All restaurants, bars, gyms, recreational facilities, and personal services must end service at 10pm on weeknights, and 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday. Restaurants may remain open for take-out only.

Ian Donnis has a very useful write-up at The Public’s Radio:

To help compensate bars and restaurants for closing early — 10 P.M.  Sunday through Thursday and 10:30 P.M. on Friday and Saturday — the state will offer grants of $2,000 to $10,000, Raimondo said, based on the amount of business they anticipate losing during the two-week curfew.

Raimondo said she also will almost certainly announce more restrictions in the next two weeks for the Thanksgiving holiday, saying she wants to avoid the type of surge in hospitalizations experienced in Canada after the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Houses of worship are limited to 50% of their capacity with a maximum of 125 people. That seems doable — isn’t God everywhere? And if you are risking your life to attend a baby shower, you are beyond help.



4 thoughts on “Revised Phase III Re-Opening”

  1. This is unlike any use of the word phase I am familiar with.

    If it is a phase, explain how we are worse off and doing less than the first wave.

    If it was a phase, we would be doing the same thing under the same circumstances.
    How are we under official emergency declaration and reopening at the same time?
    Those are two separate phases and the latter negates the first.Did this virus find a wide open hole in RIPTA and convenience stores to beeline its way from the jetset class to the poor and vulnerable as predicted? Yes.Did you really think telling people how many days they touch their faces was important? We heard far more about that then masks, in fact we were told not to wear them.I disagreed with that too, i knew it was wrong.
    So did the state.

    Before Gina Raimondo crowned herself the head of emergency management, the goal of disaster response was to control, contain and mitigate.
    She manages it instead, lets flatten the curve. That means we will have the same exact number of dead people, but stretched over a longer time frame.
    She should be in prison for those decisions, not making more that compound the problem.

    Is handwashing helping at all?

    We have a governor that has decided she is well equipped to do a job she has never trained for or practiced and the thousands of people in this state that have been trained in disaster response and disaster preparedness are sidelined.

    Gina said she is following science. I have made predictions based on her decisions and they keep coming true, that my dear, is science.
    Science says this is an airborne virus that does not know what time of day it is.
    Science says the safest time to be outdoors is 10pm to 5am.Science says the best protection is a good quality mask worn correctly, the state doesn not care about the quality of your mask, just that you can show you have one, that is not keeping people safe.

    Six to eight feet of social distancing puts you in the red zone for getting infected, every person who says anything about 6 to 8 feet of social distancing should be punched repeatedly in the groin.

    The flying booger theory was proposed about fifty years ago and totally refuted about thirty years ago. Look it up.

    That flying booger theory is the basis of the states response to this day.

    I am prtty your logo is not a masonic symbol but if it is, i do not see any lack of professionalism for displaying it.
    This virus is far worse than the flu.

    If you are going to hang around with a group of people to celebrate an event during this epidemic, you are beyond help and probably not worth the cost healthcare or public resources when you and your family get ill.

    The state can make all the excuses it wants and it can keep comparing itself to the worst case scenario to make itself look better in the media, but the truth is, many people got sick and died due to negligence, not the virus. The virus could have been isolated, contained and mitigated just like every other mass casualty event. This should have been relatively easy considering we saw it coming from far away and many other countries had already experienced it. They already knew what was working and what was not. We chose all the things that do not work for our poor, minorities and vulnerable communities.

    For under 300 us dollars, you can build your own air scrubber that will remove the virus as well as every speck of dust, hair or particulate from the air.

    This is not the first time i mentioned this. We have the technology to stop this but are choosing not to.

    The reason we are letting people die is for stimulus money that the oil and banking industry need, it has nothing to do with people and paychecks.

    I do not get stimulus money, but every dollar i have in cash or property will be worth far less for as long as i live because of it.
    This means we will have a large starving senior/retired population to deal with in the foreseeable future.

    The other thing to watch out for, the ghettoization of the state. I do not mean it will all get dirty but nobody will own property, they will have to rent homes from business entities. this will keep the general population in the same dire straits as poor and minorities in ghettos that were designed for this very effect., no chance of ever owning anything, you must rent it from the rich. That is the next step of our service economy.

    They call it the American dream because it is not the American reality.

    We call it a government, but in reality, we have two slightly different flavors of far-right white christian. The democrats claim to the liberal banner is a bit of old school propaganda we need to address. There is nothing liberal about american christianity, it is the far right.
    For the record, citizens approached the government peacefully and the government turned weapons and a deaf ear on them.
    So far, the state has denied any wrongdoing at all by police and public officials and instead have turned to demonizing and arresting protesters.

    This governor can not tell us what people are protesting but she can tell us everything the protesters do wrong.
    She can not tell us why the virus is spreading but she knows it is the dirty peoples fault.
    She can not tell us why the economy is so bad but she knows it is because of the lack of degrees our dirty citizens are too poor and stupid to obtain. ( yes, she did in fact make that claim while the college admissions scandal was unfolding, but we have no media here to report revolting news like that.)

    When you manage a mass casualty event with one hand and the economy with the other, both are doomed to fail.
    That is why our government is divided into specialized units.
    Being governor does not qualify you to be a mechanic on RIPTA buses or to mitigate disasters.
    We have people with years of training for both positions.
    The government spent a billion dollars training for this after 911
    All that money was flushed down the toilet when this governor took the position and ignored everything we learned about disaster response.
    So, you are having a heart attack on the side of the road, would you like a rescue to come mitigate your condition or would you prefer the governor manage it. By manage it, I mean watch and record the outcome.

    Where is the free press that the constitution protects?
    I guess we can axe that right. No need to keep protecting something we do not have.
    What good is a first amendment when it has been downgraded to, screaming into thin air?
    Get rid of it.
    Religious freedom, absolutely outdated and perverse. Raping children is a religious privilege far worse than the molestations this state was supposed to protect us from and failed.

    Joe Biden wants unity but this is the best time for protest. If you do not protest now, you will never get the chance again.

  2. “And if you are risking your life to attend a baby shower, you are beyond help.”

    Really? Who are you to pass judgment. Just because you may be right doesn’t give you the right editorialize.

  3. I think this is unnecessary. I truly believe if we had just let this go not just in RI we would have heard immunity not just here but nation wide. The H1N1 swine flu was way worse than this and the so was the avian flu. I think we are going to see a ride in cancer and people having vision problems due lack of oxygen from face coverings.
    Also if this is so bad why is the casino open but not libraries and museums? Makes it way more obvious that protecting people is not even the main objective.

  4. The logo for Providence Daily Dose is a very controversial masonic symbol? Are you kidding me? The lack of professionalism is profound.

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