Durk’s BBQ Opens Downtown

Here’s some welcome news. Formerly located on Thayer Street, Durk’s Bar-B-Q  has reopened downtown on Aborn Street, serving “Texas-style BBQ, craft beer, craft cocktails and a whole lotta American Whiskey.” Unfortunately, this is no longer walking distance from my house . . . just as well.

A quick scan of the menu shows that the brussel sprouts are back, as is the banana pudding. And a new dessert has been added: johnny cakes with bourbon ice cream, apple butter, and candied corn nuts.

But meat is the star here and I’ve been missing my fatty brisket something fierce. But Gail Ciampa has a write-up in today’s ProJo and I’m not sure how I feel about this news, “The brisket is now made with a rub that includes roasted Bolt Coffee, Davis said.”

I’m not sure how I feel about their fiddling with that recipe, but I will definitely be finding out. And they have also added a piece of equipment:

Follow the aromas to the restaurant. They fill downtown, coming from Stella, the Ole Hickory smoker where meats cook for 8 to 14 hours. There’s something new, too, a wood-fired grill.

“It’s changed the way we do things,” said chef Ed Davis.

Among other things, this will create more exciting veggie options. There are also new snacks like pierogies and corn dogs, and did they always have poutine?

Last time I was in this building it was a strip club, the Satin Doll (see below). The new owners were able to design several safety measures into the new plan: overhead garage doors, a new HVAC system. Seating is now limited to 50 people.

Closing time is 10pm . . . 10:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. And get the corn bread!

Durk’s BBQ, 4pm to 10pm, Wednesday – Sunday, 33 Aborn Street, (directions)


The Satin Doll closed about five years ago. It’s a cute little building.

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