Here Come The Judge

Retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Williams has been appointed to keep an eye on things over at the Wild Zebra Gentlemen’s Club on Allens Avenue for a year. This results from an agreement reached between club owners and the city following various infractions that resulted in its license being revoked. According to the ProJo the club consented to being monitored for a year, or until the club or its licenses are sold.

Under the terms, Williams will oversee future compliance with the regulatory requirements of its licenses, randomly inspect the club and investigate possible prostitution activity. Any violations that the parties are unable to resolve will be referred to the board.

Unknown if Williams will be working undercover. (Attention ladies: He’ll be the 80-year-old guy in the pastel sweater-vest reminiscing about Gypsy Rose Lee and the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Do not let him peek inside your bloomers.)

Happily, the club will be covering the cost of the monitoring which, as of five years ago, was $400/hour. Fortunately the club is very near R.I. Hospital should he get overstimulated.

For more on Judge Williams go to Daily Kos: Creepiest GOP sex scandal that you have never heard.

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