Two Week ‘Pause’ Starts Monday

Just a reminder in case you have some planning to do: Last week Governor Raimondo announced “Rhode Island on PAUSE.” (That does not appear to be an acronym. I think it’s just yelling.) The pause will start Monday, November 30 and run through December 13th, if not longer. And judging from the crowds traveling this weekend? My money’s on “longer.” The Governor was asked about the upcoming holiday weekend:

Regarding Thanksgiving, the governor asked Rhode Islanders to “stay at home with the people you live with and celebrate.” Although she urged Rhode Islanders not to travel, she said rapid testing will be offered at T.F. Green Airport on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving. Anyone coming from Puerto Rico or any of the 42 states on the state’s travel list will either have to quarantine for 14 days or be tested.

The Providence Journal has a handy what’s closed/what’s open page. And complete info can be found at the Reopening RI website. Our current status? “We are in Phase III: Picking up Speed.” Here’s part of the update.

Casinos, gyms, bowling alleys will be closed.

Retailers will be able to remain open under their current restrictions (1 person per 100 square feet, or 1 person per 150 square feet in big-box stores).

Houses of worship: 25% capacity, up to 125 people. (Helpful hint: God is everywhere. Stay home.)

Final note: Saying that you are getting a Covid test so you can travel home this weekend makes no sense! You could become infected one hour after taking that test, travel home, infect your entire family, kill your grandma, cry like a baby on television, then receive results from your original test. Congratulations . . . it was negative.

WEAR A MASK! (Again . . . yelling.)

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