State Releasing More Relief Money

[To the commenters: Please go to Rhode Island on Pause for assistance.] In anticipation of the upcoming two-week “pause” and its attendant economic pain, Governor Raimondo announced that the state will be spending $100 million of the federal Covid-relief funds. Half of the money will fund grants to small businesses. From the ProJo:

The new small business grants  — of up to $50,000 per establishment — will be administered through the state Division of Taxation, similar to a program announced at the start of this month to help restaurants made to close early because of COVID.

The grants are designed to be “significant, quick and easy,” to apply for, Raimondo said.

For grant eligibility information and application go to Rhode Island on Pause at the Department of Taxation. Grants range in amounts of $500 to $50,000. The application process began today; the deadline to apply is December 11, 2020.

As to the remainder of the money:

Most of the remaining $50 million will provide two weeks of bonus unemployment insurance to Rhode Islanders out of work. The new payments, added to weekly checks automatically, will increase unemployment benefits by $200 in each of the two weeks the pause is in effect.


6 thoughts on “State Releasing More Relief Money”

  1. Devon blades

    I live in tovey Illinois and can’t pay my rent for this month hoping stimulus comes

  2. Shirley pena

    I can use the money to pay my bill and keep a roof over my kids heads and food on the table

  3. I’m needing rental assistance , I live in Multnomah County I’m behind in my rent and really need some help. Is this something you could help me with?

  4. LaBarbara Culliver

    People are fighting to stay a live.Staying in there home. Wearing mask. Let a event come on and people out their home more virus.

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