Henderson Bridge Work Starts

This shouldn’t be too bad in the beginning . . . or maybe ever. The capacity of this bridge has always exceeded the number of cars using it by a factor of a gazillion. I am often on the bridge alone.* Lane closures begin at daylight on Monday, December 28th.

From RIDOT: The following changes for the Henderson Expressway (which includes the Henderson Bridge and the access roads and ramp system on both sides of the bridge) are expected:

• The Henderson Expressway eastbound toward East Providence will be reduced from two lanes to one lane from the access road from Waterman Avenue in Providence to Massasoit Avenue in East Providence.

• The Henderson Expressway westbound toward Providence just prior to South Angell Street in Providence will be reduced from two lanes to one lane.

• Massasoit Avenue in East Providence in both directions will be reduced from two lanes to one lane at the Henderson Bridge interchange, between Wilmarth Avenue and Dexter Road.

Occasional lane closings on Massasoit Avenue this past summer were mildly inconvenient, adding no more than five minutes to a trip I make fairly regularly at different times of the day.

The lane closures allow RIDOT to build connector roads and make other changes in advance of a traffic shift on the bridge in mid-January. At that point, the Department will maintain one lane in each direction on the southern side of the bridge, allowing it to demolish and rebuild the northern section. This change will be in place for approximately two years.

Considerable brush-clearing has exposed the fenced-in Waterman Street dog park which is unfortunate . . . not that the dogs care. There will be landscaping at the end of the project.

*I favor leaving the Gano Street exit ramp open. I think we need both.


2 thoughts on “Henderson Bridge Work Starts”

  1. Gano Street does not need to be a traffic sewer. Gano is a now a dead crappy street in one of the few neighborhoods that works well for people who would rather walk than drive to work, school, shopping, parks etc. Places like that tend to be expensive because there are not enough of them! Gano will attract housing and shops when the nasty speeding traffic is gone. More people able to avoid driving is a better goal than “Smooth flowing traffic” everywhere.

  2. Peter Van Erp

    Of course we need the Gano Street ramp! The more connections, the smoother traffic flows.

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