Happy Blue Year!

Of course nothing is going to compare to the celebrations we’ve all been planning in our foggy brains for 12:01pm, Wednesday, January 20th — my plan: jump around living room, honk car horn, sing Na Na Na Na, repeat — but I think we can start allowing ourselves a little cautious optimism. But not too much . . . don’t jinx it. As for tonight, just stay home and drink. You do not want to end up waiting in line for a space in the emergency room, and you do not want to end up killing your family probably.

And just maybe we can all look forward to going out together again and seeing music later this year. A few days ago Tom Weyman, co-founder of the Columbus Cooperative, posted this happy news:

My mind is blown. The Save Our Stages Act has been signed into law! This is a huge deal for independent venues – they actually wrote the law in a way that will help venues survive.

Hey, that last pandemic was followed by the Roaring Twenties! Go here for more on the Save Our Stages Act.

And Happy New Year everybody!

(Seen here: The Thayer Street entrance to the Providence bus tunnel, 1912-1914.)

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  1. PDD is the best. I look forward to every missive you send (quick special thanks for the lowdown on Henderson Bridge the other day). Don’t know how you do it, but ever so glad you do, and will continue to. Almost makes living in La Prov [ugh] worthwhile!

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