Gina Heading To Washington

Naming the Commerce building after Herbert Hoover makes about as much sense as naming the FBI building after J. Edgar Hoover. At any rate, following her confirmation, this will be Governor Raimondo’s new office building.

While I have not always agreed with the Governor’s policies, she is certainly experienced and competent, and will make the state look good. I am not, however, too happy about her leaving us in the hands of . . . a man. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that women are the best governors. I’ll keep an open mind.

So what is the mission of the Department of Commerce?

The Department of Commerce promotes job creation and economic growth by ensuring fair and reciprocal trade, providing the data necessary to support commerce and constitutional democracy, and fostering innovation by setting standards and conducting foundational research and development.

Well that just screams Herbert Hoover.

And what specifically will be under Gina’s purview at the Department of Commerce? Calling the department a “sprawling, multi-part bureaucracy” Patrick Anderson, provides a useful reference in today’s ProJo. And sprawling it is. The following are all included under Commerce: NOAA, off-shore wind farms, international trade, tariffs, the census (she needs to find Rhode Island about 11,780 or more people) the National Weather Service, patents, workforce training, commercial fishing, and more.

The ProJo article ends with former mayor, Joseph Paolino, seemingly trying to pay Governor Raimondo a compliment by comparing her to a twice-convicted felon and wifebeater. I wish he would move to another hemisphere.

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  1. john a kupiec

    since we are about the worst state for businesses, good choice, biden … hopefully we can do better with different leadership in r.i.

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