Impeach Trump

We need a full-court press from the Democrats right now and I am proud to report that Congressman David Cicilline is in the vanguard. On Wednesday, he and other members of the Sanity Caucus immediately contacted the vice president urging him to invoke the 25th Amendment, but that cowardly, calculating, husk of a man couldn’t be bothered to respond.* Now we must forge ahead with the Articles of Impeachment that Cicilline helped draft. But we should keep pressing for both.

From Cicilline’s piece in today’s Boston Globe:

Even in this moment of national crisis, the vice president and Cabinet are still unwilling to hold Trump accountable for his actions.

. . . That is why I am now planning to introduce a privileged impeachment resolution as soon as this Monday. With the blessing of our leadership, this proposal could be brought up for a vote in the House within two days of its introduction, allowing us to impeach the president and immediately send the articles to the Senate for trial.

In the wake of Wednesday’s attack, even many Republicans in Congress are now saying that they do not feel the president is fit to continue in office. If they are sincere in this belief, then they should join us in this effort. Without question, failure to do so would invite further misconduct.

We urge the Rhode Island Congressional delegation to stay on the attack. It doesn’t matter what McConnell says or does, just keep going. Make Republican traitors defend this failed coup attempt . . . make them go on the record. They know that this doomed path has cost them the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and that he can no longer Twitter their careers into oblivion.

*It is now clear that, among their other traitorous goals, Trump’s mob was breaking into the Capitol building in order to murder Pence. A Capitol police officer was murdered. So much for ‘blue lives matter’ and, you know, Jesus; Pence still supports the President.


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