Westminster Bridge Demolition Starts

Has it ever been harder to get a good night’s sleep what with the grinding of teeth and clenching of fists? Unfortunately, in addition to the insomnia-inducing events of the past week/four years, residents in the West End, Olneyville, and the Valley Street area have been suffering through the nighttime demolition phase of RIDOT’s 6/10 reconstruction project. This new round of demo begins tonight at 10pm, and will be continued nightly through Friday morning. State Senator Sam Bell issued this statement yesterday.

RIDOT will be demolishing the old bridge that took Westminster St. over Route 10 North. RIDOT plans to conduct the demolition at night, starting tomorrow (Sunday) night and continuing each night until Friday.

Many of you have reached out about the disruption that the noise and shaking from nightwork keeping you up at night. Samantha and I were once woken up in the middle of the night all the way over in Mt. Pleasant. I’m very concerned about this work being very disruptive at night. I have been asking RIDOT Director Peter Alviti to find a solution to mitigate the neighborhood impacts and avoid disruptive night work, but I am not sure if we will be able to find a solution acceptable to RIDOT.

Here is the most recent ‘project update’ from RIDOT:

Starting Sunday night, we are scheduled to remove remnants of the Broadway Bridge and demolish the Westminster Street Bridge over Route 10 North. This will involve a detour of Route 6 East to Union Avenue and back to Route 10 North after 10 p.m. nightly through Friday morning.

Other scheduled overnight work includes the installation of deck forms and overhang brackets at the Route 10 North to Route 6 West flyover bridge and the construction of retaining walls at the Tobey Street and Harris Avenue bridges.

(The Westminster Street bridge is out-of-frame and to the left in this picture — behind me is the Scürvy Dög — you get the general idea. Senator Bell has the precise location of the bridge in question. That is the Olney Towers apartment building in the background.)

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  1. Well, I haven’t checked this page in a few days, but at least now I know why I am once again having trouble sleeping at night. The demolition is only about half as loud as the pile-driving they were doing last year which was just unreal. I live three blocks from the Westminster bridge and back then I was getting maybe four hours of sleep a night on average. We should have buried 6/10 and built over it instead of allowing it to bisect the city for another 50 years.

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