School Speed Cameras Back On — $50 Ticket

Starting this morning the school zone speed cameras are being turned back on and the city will start issuing fines immediately. According to WPRI:

There are fourteen speed cameras in school zones that will operate on school days from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. and any vehicle going 11 mph over the 20 mph posted speed limit will automatically be issued a $50 ticket.

Here are the locations:

  • 93 Cranston Street (Providence Career and Technical Academy)
  • Dexter Street at Waldo Street (Alfred Lima Elementary School)
  • 387 Branch Avenue (A-Venture Academy)
  • 187 Douglas Avenue (Times 2 Academy)
  • 593 Academy Avenue (LaSalle Academy)
  • 50 Laurel Hill Avenue (Achievement First Mayoral Academy)
  • 773 Chalkstone Avenue (Nathaniel Green Middle School)
  • 114 Olney Street (Hope High School)
  • 179 Thurbers Avenue (Roger Williams Middle School)
  • 417 Charles Street (Esek Hopkins Middle School)
  • 301 Butler Avenue (Lincoln School)
  • 812 Douglas Avenue (Veazie Street School)
  • 156 Reservoir Avenue (Reservoir Avenue Elementary School)
  • 520 Hope Street (Providence Center School)

More cameras will be added February 1st.

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