Hooray For Stacey Abrams!

We were given about one nanosecond for celebrating the critical November senate victory in Georgia before the terrible events of January 6th consumed the news and our attention.

But we still want to celebrate and thank Stacey Abrams and all the other great people at Fair Fight for delivering this entire country from the intransigent, if rapidly decomposing, clutches of the morally deformed, soon-to-be-former, Senate President. So big big thanks to Stacey Abrams and all the Black women who worked their tails off doing the hard work of democracy . . . and during a pandemic! (It is clear from photos at the website that the Fair Fight crew is actually quite diverse. There is even a white man or two . . . okay I count two . . . it’s mostly women.) And we support the national movement to shower this woman with all the accolades, honors, and the appointment(s) of her choosing, until she does us the very great honor of running for President.*

Now, about those cookies. These are the handiwork of a local foodstylist who specializes in baking, Katrin Schnippering, and her decorated sugar cookies and do-it-yourself cookie sets are for sale. (Also check out Eye Cookies her Facebook page.) Schnippering works out of a licensed kitchen with health department approval; customers can pick up orders or have their cookies shipped.

Please allow up to 24 hours for order fulfillment. We will send you an email notification when order is ready for contactless pick-up in Barrington . . . or, when we ship them out by USPS Priority Mail.

Sealed cookies will remain fresh for 1 week from day of pick-up, and another week when stored in airtight container after decorating.

The Stacey/Peach collection comes in two sizes: Small $12 and Big $25. Look at the pictures of her work. You might be interested in Inauguration Party cookies for next Wednesday (see below).

*Abrams is too classy to gloat, so allow me: Take that Governor Kemp, you thieving piece of garbage. And where did all your efforts at voter suppression, and the lying and the cheating, get you? Georgia flipped to blue, and now your family needs protection from the party to whom you sold your soul. Well done. And to you Senator McConnell, you rancid old capon, you will die despised and unmourned. Sooner rather than later if you don’t mind.


Inauguration party?
Big set $25/Small $12/Single $6.
Message your order if interested (FB).


1 thought on “Hooray For Stacey Abrams!”

  1. John McGrath

    Stacey Abrams goes on my short list of US. heroes 20th-21th Century heroes, along with Frances Perkins. … Love the idea of cookies with Stacey Abrams. What about getting the Firl Scouts to sell cookies with women heroes on them? Accompanied by a one sheet or foldover with names, a blurb, and encouragement to google them? A way to educate people/kids about US history too often ignored in US schools.

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