AG Inquiry — Did Hospital Board Members Cut In Line

Because when we think of “hospital volunteers” we immediately picture the Board of Directors courageously sitting around a table voting on things. It now looks as if these brave Covid warriors have been cutting to the head of the vaccination line. According to the ProJo, Attorney General Peter Neronha has sent letters to the CEOs of Lifespan and Care New England asking for “a copy of their vaccination plans, data about who had received the vaccine so far, information about how they were prioritized, and details on how they would use the rest of their supply.”

Neronha’s review of vaccine distribution comes after The Providence Journal reported that Lifespan and Care New England had offered vaccines to their board members and trustees. Like other hospital groups in the state, they also opened up eligibility to all their staff, including people working in research-related labs, administrators and people working remotely. Neronha also mentioned administrative employees who primarily telework in his letter requesting information from the hospitals.

WPRI reports there has been pushback from Care New England President and CEO Dr. James Fanale who argued that the board members qualified under guidance provided by state regulators, saying

. . . the board members who received vaccines at his organization are volunteers and thus eligible. “They’re integral to the success of our organization,” Fanale said during a WPRO radio interview. “They spend hours volunteering time here. They are volunteers and they actively do stuff.”

“Actively do stuff?” Be careful you guys — remember to lift with your legs.

Lifespan has made the same argument about conforming to state guidelines.

Go here for a look at the Lifespan Board of Directors. The Care New England Board of Directors page is blank.

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