Amanda Gorman Likes The Cookie

Amanda Gorman knocked it out of the park with her inaugural poem, inspiring local food stylist/baker Katrin Schnippering to create yet another masterpiece of her own (‘light’ was a theme of the poem). And when Schnippering posted a picture of her new creation, it found its way to Gorman herself who shared it in her own Instagram story!

Very cool. We recently fell in love with Ms. Schnippering’s Stacey Abrams cookie and wrote that up to celebrate the Georgia election. But she keeps expanding her cookie catalogue — David Bowie, Lionel Richie, Bernie, and even Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek — and will probably have to expand her oven capacity pretty soon.

Given the gloopiness of her chosen medium, Schnippering’s line drawings are exceptionally fine  — Dan Levy is just eyes and hair, but is instantly recognizable. These cookie sets are for sale at Katrin Schnippering. And check out her FB page, Eye Cookies.

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