Visit The Zoo — Half Price Thru February

It’s Winter Wonder Days at the Roger Williams Park Zoo with half-price admission through the end of February. The zoo is open Thursday through Monday and all tickets must be purchased online only. Go here before you visit.

The Zoo is open on Providence school holidays and vacation weeks. We have implemented enhanced protocols and procedures to help ensure the safety of guests, employees, volunteers and, of course, our animals. This includes a one-way pathway, closure of some buildings, mask requirements and more.

Seen here is a Golden Lion Tamarin, or Leontopithecus rosalia. This photograph comes courtesy of photographer James Lastowski, and if you are not following him you are missing out. (Having one of his pix pop up in my feed is a treat every single time.) Like many of us he had some time on his hands this past year, so he initiated walkabouts around town with various local musicians, artists, athletes, and skateboarders (who are impossible to photograph!). He also headed down to the beach where he took some startling images of the surfers.

Most recently he has discovered the zoo. He has one picture of an elephant that is positively haunting. I settled on this image of the tamarin because he’s looking a little Mardi Gras to me . .  and a bit cranky. This endangered species is native to the forests of Brazil and comes in somewhere between 6″ to 10″.

Regular readers will recognize the Lastowski name as he has in the past provided The Dose with many great action photos of bands playing around town (harder than skateboarders to photograph!). Thank you James!

(Just recently the zoo reported the birth of four baby river otter pups. But they will be off-limits to visitors for a few weeks, so I didn’t want everybody going aaaaaw and then being disappointed. Follow RWP Zoo on Facebook for updates.)

Ticket info here.

10am to 4pm, Thursdays — Mondays, Roger Williams Park Zoo, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, (directions)

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