Indelego Live Stream — AS220

(2.24) Tune in Wednesday night for live streaming music out of AS220. This week it’s Indelego, a Providence band who describe their sound as reggae, funk, math rock. They are currently in the studio aiming to release an album this spring.

Seen here is Matt Earle Jr. in a photo taken by band dad, Matt Earle Sr. In this image, Matt the Younger is the one on bass; in Indelego he plays drums. He has promised me that they will be plugged in and playing loud.

To support the streaming sessions, and the participating artists, donate at Stream Support. Donations are split between performers and AS220.

About the AS220 Streaming Sessions:

AS220 Live Arts is bringing performances from local artists directly to you to watch from the comfort and safety of your own home with“AS220 Streaming Sessions” – high quality multi-camera, multi-track, live-streamed or pre-recorded weekly performances!

Free, 8pm, Wednesday, February 24, Indelego, AS220 live stream

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