End Plastic Pollution

A statewide ban on single-use plastic bags was one of several bills before the R. I. Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture on Wednesday. This was one of a group of bills aimed at reducing plastic pollution and waste which would:

  • Prohibit the release of balloons filled with any gas lighter than air.
  • Require school districts to comply with state composting and recycling laws.
  • Prohibit eateries and restaurants from giving customers single-use plastic straws unless requested.
  • Exempt reusable bags from state sales tax.

Much more at Alex Kufner’s report in the ProJo. Environmental advocate Greg Gerritt was one of the speakers before the committee.

“I think all of the plastic bills are good. We need to pass all of them,” said Providence environmental activist Greg Gerritt. “It’s time to move on from plastics and fossil fuels.”

He has been at this for a long time. EcoRI News profiled Gerritt last year.



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