Narragansett Creamery Gets The TikTok Bump

Local cheesemakers Narragansett Creamery produce a wide variety of cheeses — Atwells Gold is a particular favorite of mine* — but it is their feta that has been stealing the limelight and driving demand these days. Since a Baked Feta Pasta recipe featured on TikTok took off, their Salty Sea Feta sales are through the roof. Gail Ciampa spoke with owner Mark Federico Jr. for the ProJo:

“It was almost a month ago, around Feb. 4 when we noticed more retail orders of feta,” said Federico. This is generally their slow season and certainly not feta season, he said. That’s the summer, when people look for the Greek cheese on salads.

“I’m not on TikTok, but we started hearing about our Salted Sea Feta in a video,” he said.

Sales have since soared from 6,000 pounds a week to 10,000. Located on Dearborn Street off of Manton, Narragansett Creamery sells to over 100 retail outlets; they are also a presence at the Farm Fresh Rhode Island markets. More at their Facebook page.

Congratulations to the Federico family.

*Why can’t I buy your yogurt at Stop & Shop any more?


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