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We have been taking a very conservative approach to announcing events that might result in too many people getting too close together. On the other hand, we also want all the local clubs to survive. So here are a couple of bar owners who are poking their heads above the covers and opening up. Both these sites have real outdoor seating.

Maurice over at the Wild Colonial on South Water Street has posted this notice:

Hi All, Think it has been too long since you’ve seen one of these? We do. So, we plan to remedy that by reopening next Wednesday [March 10] at 4. All the precautions and care we took last Fall will still be in place and it looks good for the Outdoor Garden of Wild Colonial Delights. Hope to see you then.

Another Dose favorite is Nolan’s Corner Pub on Atwells at Harris Avenue. They open evenings at 8pm (closed Sunday & Monday):

We’re back!! We’ll be operating on a limited schedule for a few weeks while we figure things out. Once the warmer weather hits and outdoor seating becomes more tolerable we’ll open up for our usual hours. Hopefully we’ll see you all real soon!!

The weather is warming up so use caution. If things get too crowded, leave. Wear masks and keep your distance. Get this right and we all win.

Don’t make me regret this!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Beth. We’ll be continuing to take a hard line on covid safety to try to ensure that our reopening doesn’t become a part of the problem and to not make you regret it.

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