Sheldon W — Make DST Permanent

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour tonight, and if Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has his way, this will be the our final ‘spring forward.’ He is one of a group of senators who have submitted a bill called the Sunshine Protection Act.*  From a report on WPRI:

According to Whitehouse, some of the benefits include having more daylight during the winter months, which would put an end to those 4 p.m. sunsets, and fewer crashes on the roadways, since it’s much safer to drive when it’s light out.

Another benefit, and perhaps one of the more important ones, is that daylight would revolve around a typical workday schedule. Fewer people wake up very early in the morning, compared to those who are awake and outdoors during the late afternoon and evening.

There is an abundance of quantitative evidence that this switching back and forth is harmful to our health with measurable increases in heart attacks, strokes, and other effects of sleep deprivation. For what it’s worth, I support this legislation.

(This clock face on display at the Ladd Observatory.)

*The bill’s sponsor is a certain odious Florida republican whose name will never appear in this space. Fans of the excellent HBO show ‘Veep’ will remember that Daylight Saving Time was a major campaign issue for the equally odious Jonah. (And he always said it wrong.)

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  1. “some of the benefits include having more daylight during the winter months” How exactly does he propose to increase the time of daylight? Slow down the Earth’s rotation? Slide the North American tectonic plate south?
    How about just re-establishing Standard Time, and getting rid of the fiction that changing the clock does anything besides keep the population slightly fuzzy twice yearly?

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