Opening Day For Peregrines

We have egg. The ASRI Peregrine Cam is up and running again. Every year the Audubon Society of Rhode Island live streams the nesting box on top of the Superman Building from the first egg to the final fledgling.

Perched high above the streets of Providence, these fascinating birds lay their eggs and raise their young each spring on the ledges of the Industrial National Bank Building – also lovingly known as the “Superman Building” to Rhode Islanders. In an arrangement involving the building owner, Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Cox Business and generous Audubon donors, the Peregrine Falcon nesting box can be viewed live online thanks to the cameras trained on the magnificent raptors. If you enjoy watching the Peregrines, please consider a donation to help us keep the camera running each season!

More eggs will come . . . keep watching. If you are new to the area you may also want to follow urban wildlife photographer Peter Green of Providence Raptors. He takes beautiful pictures of all the hawks, owls, and eagles in the area, and becomes an unofficial member of the ASRI team every year on nesting day. Green has been at this for some time, documenting the convoluted genealogy of the nesting pairs going back to 2000. Check out his breeding timeline.

The picture from the box is nice and clear — this screen grab has not been tweaked. The annual ASRI fundraiser ‘Party for the Peregrines’ takes place on May 7th. Or just donate now.

(Don’t know which parent this is. The females are larger than the males.)

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