Oscar Nominated Shorts At Avon

(4.8) The Avon Cinema will be screening the 2021 Oscar nominated short films now through April 8th. They will be presented in three programs: live action, animation, documentary. Many entries this year deal with current social justice issues here and across the globe — animation provides the more lighthearted fare. The New York Times covers this year’s entries including the winner of the Children’s Choice Award Nordic Youth Category: “Yes-People” from Iceland.

. . . the quirky “Yes-People,” about the mundane goings on of a group of eclectic residents living their lives together in one apartment building, is a delightful offering from Iceland. The playful animation style (characters exaggeratedly rotund or twiggy with large, spindly features) and the comedic timing of the director Gisli Darri Halldorsson — rendered in the nonverbal parlance of facial expressions and body language — translates to any language.

The shorts schedule this week:

3:40pm, Fri-Sun, April 2-4, Animation

3:10pm, Mon-Wed, April 5-7, Live Action

3:05, Thursday, April 8, Documentary

(Nomadland has been held over and runs daily at 6:20pm.)

Shorts run through April 8, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, (directions)

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