‘Pesticide Free PVD’ Campaign Launched

This is the most horrifying aisle in the garden center. Homeowners should make every effort to find safe substitutes (elbow grease is not toxic to the environment). Now comes Mayor Elorza with a Pesticide Free PVD Campaign, to eliminate harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Pesticide Free PVD encourages community members, property owners, and businesses to commit to eliminating the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers in lawns and gardens, as well as other toxins in the home. Going pesticide-free is one of many ways the City is encouraging residents to celebrate Earth Day. The Parks Department and Partnership for Providence Parks will also launch an Earth Day Bingo game to encourage families to get outside, enjoy our parks, and take part in being good stewards of our environment. Community members can find their local park by using the City’s Park Locator and Park Stories Map.

The Providence Parks Department is leading by example, having eliminated nearly all pesticides and herbicides from City parks and playgrounds, according to a report released today by the City and the Audubon Society of Rhode Island. The Roger Williams Park Botanical Center is an excellent example of the success of a pesticide-free policy, leveraging strategies like beneficial insects inside the center and housing three goats that provide weed control throughout Roger Williams Park.

Last year Bayer, maker of the ubiquitous weedkiller Round Up, settled its cancer-related lawsuits to the tune of $10 billion. You really want your kids rolling around on this stuff? Why not have them rogue out your dandelions by hand. (There are tools.)

And speaking of unwanted immigrants — dandelions were brought to this continent by European colonists in the Columbian exchange. Gee thanks.

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  1. Peter Van Erp

    Dandelion greens are a great addition to any salad. They are unjustly maligned!

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