A New Take On Tarot Supports AS220

The Murmurations Community Tarot Project is a unique fundraising project in support of AS220.

Over 80 artists with deep connections to AS220 from all around the city, the country and the world have come together to reimagine one card each from the tarot. Every card is a unique piece of art; together, they form a mesmerizing collection that supports the movement building work of AS220.

Sales of the deck will help AS220 continue to provide all Rhode Island artists affordable access to AS220’s galleries, performance venues, educational opportunities, residential spaces, and work studios.

Photos of each card in the deck can be viewed here. Seen here is The Fool by Kego and the Queen of Swords by LUMUKU, also the creative mind behind the project:

“Starlings fly together just before dusk in remarkable, ever-changing formations called murmurations. Just as starlings move together through space and time to create something larger than themselves, the Murmurations tarot deck was made.”

On his inspiration for the project, LUMUKU says: “I’ve been a member of the Printshop for over ten years now and I’ve met a lot of incredible people. It’s been strange not sharing physical space but luckily it’s also been a time full of reflection. When this idea came to me, it felt like a wonderful way for people to come together again.”

An exhibit of the original works will be on display at the AS220 Project Space on Mathewson Street for a few more days. Gallery hours by appointment only. Contact neal.walsh@as220.org for more info.

The deck is a steal at $40! Go here to purchase.

1 thought on “A New Take On Tarot Supports AS220”

  1. John McGrath

    fascinating, stimulating, brilliant project. Good to see POC on some cards, about time (I am 80, white).
    Note that your email says$40, but the purchase site says $49.
    You might want to include a certificate indicating that this is a first edition of this Tarot deck. That matters too collectors. It might be too much to note that this is # (such 21) of the First Edition, but if you hold back some decks thus authenticated the sale value might rise considerably in coming years, a nice fundraising bonus. Lol, capitalism,I know, but that’s currently how the art collectors world works. If this idea is given some thought you might want to poll the artists on how they feel about it.

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