Veep Harris At Books On The Square!

Thirty minutes. That’s how much lead time the folks over at Books on the Square in Wayland Square were given to prepare for the extraordinary fact that the Vice-President of the United States Kamala Harris would be stopping by! That simple phone call ended with the instruction: Don’t tell anybody.

Seen here is store manager Jennifer Kandarian who said that first the Secret Service showed up to secure the facility, and then Kamala Harris walked in the door (along with Gina and the usual suspects).

And when it comes to supporting small business, our vice-president walks the walk — she bought stuff! Ms. Kandarian is holding The Nickel Boys, one of the four books that Vice-President Harris purchased. The other three were the cookbook Simply Julia, and two novels, Dutch House by Ann Patchett and The Topeka School; the vice-president came in with that list. She and Ms. Kandarian were able to have a short conversation about small business.

Ms. Kandarian added that at the height of the visit the place was packed with Secret Service, media people, and the assorted aides and assistants with we which are now all familiar having watched seven seasons of Veep.

The store had posted an “invitation” to the vice-president earlier today on their Facebook page, with a photo of their Kamala display (see below) but they had no idea that she would actually be coming. Apparently a Secret Service advance team had been scoping the place out over the last two weeks. Just prior to today’s visit they combed all through the building. They checked the doors, the upstairs, and the basement, but store manager Jennifer Kandarian reassures us, “They did not go through my drawers.”

Books on the Square, 471 Angell Street, (directions)


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