Hot Club Deck

The deck at the Hot Club is wide open to the river breezes and waiting for the vaccinated-but-timid to ease back into life. A recent visit felt completely safe. They have added fire pits, heaters, as well as a beer garden with picnic tables in front. (The indoor space is also open but we sat outside.)

One special feature of an evening at the Hot Club is participating in the ‘Goodnight Lights’ ritual for the kids at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The program celebrated its fifth anniversary last December.

Each night at 8:30 p.m., the patients at Hasbro Children’s Hospital await their “magic minute” during which light displays all over Providence blink in their direction to say goodnight. The display, which lasts for five minutes every night, is a community-wide program called Good Night Lights which acknowledges patients and families at the hospital with a small gesture.

And the kids flash back with room lights and flashlights.

At 8:30pm the famous “Hot Club” sign starts flashing on and off, as do the interior lights. From where we sat on the deck last week we could also easily spot the flashing from the following sites: the light towers on the I-Way Bridge; the top of the Westin Hotel, the illuminated design atop 50 Fulton Street; and the Superman Building even turned on its ghostly green light (who’s in there?). And you can actually see the light of the kids flashing back from their hospital rooms! Bring a flashlight — nobody will think it’s odd.

Check out the GNL Facebook page where creator Steve Brosnihan shows his recent climb up to the top of the First Baptist steeple to reset the timers! There are many other flashing entities visible from the hospital.

The Hot Club, 25 Bridge Street, (directions)


And this is your view.

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